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Our Design & Installation Process

Quality, Control & Reliability

We offer superior service to our clients needs 
1. Site Assessment 

Preliminary & Follow up Corrosion Survey and Design 


With over 30 years of combined experience in the Oil Field. Our team works with the client to develop design specifications for each project. We start by creating drawings of the project and installation details. The plans cover materials of construction, cathodic protection designs, and corrosion monitoring systems. Once approved, we send our specialized crew to the project to ensure that all work being performed adheres to sound technical & design practices. 

Oil - Survey.jpg
2. Construction & Installation 

Complete, Professional, Safe & Efficient Installation 


We install all types of cathodic protection systems throughout Canada. 

  • Deep Drill anode systems 

  • Vertical and Horizontal systems 

  • Distributed impressed current systems 

  • Sacrificial systems 


Our construction crews are trained not only in the physical application, but also on the theory of how the systems work. This practical, hands-on knowledge of cathodic protection systems allows us to provide the quality of work our clients expect. 

CCPS - Groundbed Types.png
CCPS Water Well Rig2.jpg
Mag Anodes.jpg
3. Reporting & Charting

Maintenance Contracts 

Our maintenance contracts ensure that our clients' cathodic protection systems continue to provide the highest levels of performance and protection. This service also includes our extensive audits and computerized records management, including Reports & Graphs, so your always up-to-date. 

  • Annual Test Point Survey 

  • Periodic Rectifier Maintenance Inspections 

  • Interference Surveys 

  • Plant and Refinery Surveys 

  • Advanced Record Keeping and Management 

CCPS Reports Graphs.jpg
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