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Cathodic Protection Solution

CCPS smart Cathodic Protection for Well Casing's 

The issues. 

Corrosion of well casings is a serious concern. When well casings are exposed to surrounding soil, electrochemical cells form which leads to active corrosion sites and eventually to penetration of the external casing, leading to expensive repairs, environmental damages and production downtime. 

For example, if a steel bulkhead were discharging 875 mA over a period of four years, the below calculation will calculate the amount of metal that will be lost. With Faraday’s Law/Formula & Appalachian Underground Corrosion Charts, we can calculate this equation. 

9.1kg/A-yr x 0.875A x 4 years = 31.9kg = 70.3 lb of lost stee

70.3lbs of steel will be corroded over a four year period. High levels of this corrosion will be most critical in pitted or imperfected areas of the steel. 

NACE International (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) states the following; 

“Corrosion is one of the most important problems encountered by the owners shareholders, and operators of underground, offshore, submerged and other metallic structures exposed to an electrolyte. If corrosion is not controlled, it can lead to large costs in repairs or facility replacement. Even greater costs can be incurred from environmental damage, injuries and fatalities.” 

Corroded Pipe.jpg
Corroded Steel Pipe2.jpg
Corroded Steel Pipe.jpg

The solution.

CCPS cost effective well casing cathodic protection program is a fraction of the cost of the work-over of a well casing and/or flow line leak into the environment and loss of production. We base our CP systems on your needs and your environment. 

▪ Number of wells, geometry and location of well casings to protect 

▪ Ground conditions & PH levels 

▪ Formation resistivity 

▪ Electrical grounding 

▪ Hazardous conditions – AC availability 

▪ Pipelines and flow lines and whether or not to isolate 

▪ Soil resistivity 

▪ Future Development 

CCPS Oil Field 5.jpg
CCPS Oil Field 6.jpg
CCPS - Groundbed Types.png


  • Preliminary & Follow up Corrosion Survey and Design 

  • CP Controllers powered by solar panels 

  • Transformer rectifiers 

  • Deep Drill Anode Systems 

  • Vertical and Horizontal Systems 

  • Distributed impressed current systems 

  • Sacrificial Systems – Mag Anodes protect pipelines, steel couplings & flanges

  • Reporting & Charting

    • Advanced Record Keeping and Management 

  • Maintenance Contracts
    • Annual Test Point Survey 
    • Periodic Rectifier Maintenance Inspections 

    • Interference Surveys 

    • Plant and Refinery Surveys

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CCPS Pipeline Installation 2.jpg
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